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Teppotsava (Utsava on boat) is on Saturday, 28-11-2015 evening 7:00pm. Nanjunda … 30 to 40 mins during weekends. done by school of planning and architecture, mysore students-- batch 2014. It ranges from the Economical Accommodation services offered by Temple to good Lodges and Hotels. Nanjunda means one who has consumed poison and this legend relates to the churing of the ocean when Shiva had to consume haalahala. Nanjangud Temple Timings on … Public TV. Nanjunda means one who has consumed poison and this legend relates to the churing of the ocean when Shiva had to consume haalahala. KT NEWS SERVICE. 8:59. More than Rs 1 crore offered by the devotees has been collected at the temple. Built in the Dravidian style, the original temple is said to be from Ganga period. As per the folklore, Haala Hala emerged out of Milk Ocean while churning. Degula Darshana | Nanjundeshwara Temple, Nanjangud | Nov 23rd, 2015. Chamundeshwari Temple… 20:14. iMO is an instant web based money transfer service through Post Offices (iMO Centre) in India between two resident individuals in Indian territory. Personal Details (Enter Your Personal Details below) Devotee Name Address. Hence the deity is also known as Srikanteshwara, one cures diseases. This confluence is called "Parahurama Kshetra". Mysuru, December 29:- The counting of offering money was held at Nanjundeshwara Temple in Nanjangud on Friday. Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali were closely connected to the temple. 58 gram gold, 350 gram silver and 26 foreign currencies were also found in the offering box. Nanjunda means the one who consumed poison. Nanjangud Temple Timings, Opening and Closing Darshan Hours. Mysore District. It has an area of about 560 sq. Even after two years of demonetisation, the banned notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 were found in the offering box. Online Donation. State . Mysuru, October 2:- It is alleged that money is being looted at Srikanteshwara Temple in Nanjangud in the name of ‘Akki Seve.’ The receipts given for the offering don’t have the date and signature of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the temple. Devotees who wish to donate funds either through money order, Cheques or DDs are requested to favour the same to " The Executive Officer, Sri Srikanteshwara Swamy Temple, Nanjangud". With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of adventure that you get to explore at shri ayyappa swami temple, Nanjangud. Welcome to Sri Srikanteshwaraswamy Temple. of Karnataka website where the online booking of the facilities available at various temples can be done. Even after two years of demonetisation, the banned notes of … Contact Details. It is said that it is here that Parashurama had repented for the sin of beheading his mother. Nanjangud photos, Nanjundeshwara Temple/Srikanteswara - Nanjanagud temple outer view. Nanjangud, one of the ancient and well-known pilgrimage centers of Karnataka is at a distance of about 25kms from Mysore and is famous for its temple dedicated to Shiva described as Nanjundeshwara. Nanjangud Temple Donations: Devotees can send their donations through Money Order, A/C Payee, D.D or Cheque, on behalf of the Executive Officer, Sri Srikanteshwaraswamy Temple, Nanjangud. SC orders to recover money from Maulvi Sharif, reconstruct demolished temple in KPSC orders to recover money from Maulvi Sharif, reconstruct Nanjangud is a taluk headquarters in Mysore district and is an important center of pilgrimage. There will be no sevas/pooja bookings for this day (26-11-2015). Please contact the Temple Office for more information about the sevas and changes in the schedules and fares at the phone number provided below. Send money reliably through the Western Union located at Nanjangud, Mysore Mysore, Karnataka 571301. This is the only Official Website to perform online donation to Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple. None of the hotels or lodges in Nanjangud have online reservation facility and there are no Star Hotels in Nanjangud at present. ( Close to the town of Nanjangud is the confluence or Sangam of the rivers Kapila and Gundlu. But the website is not yet functioning. Change. Hindu Religious Institutions & Charitable Endowments Department, Visit for muzrai temples of Mysore Division.

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