english chestnut stain on white oak

They are visible in high and low humidity. And yes you’re right that the sanding has to be completely finished before the stain is ready to be applied. You could get some paint in the same wood/stain colors – and an artist if you aren’t artistic – and paint out the light lines to blend them in with the surrounding dark areas. –Frank. Sorry you have to deal with this, I know it can be frustrating when you invest a lot of money and things don’t turn out exactly how you want them to. Maybe check out the colors Provincial, Special Walnut or Early American by MinWax and see if they suit your style. Our main floor has a douglas fir floor (original from 1888) in the living room and red oak from the 1940’s in the rest of the rooms. Hello Tadas, I could really use some advice! You can also get rift sawn which is cut on a different angle from the log and it has a more tight, straight and consistant grain pattern. They’ve already got a coat of stain on. Wondering what stain shade to go with. Minwax Color Guide. Hi Tadas! There is not much info out there to reduce the red without going very dark-I just want a warm brown. In the end it will all come down to your own tastes and preferences. We have other red oak in the room, and we like to keep everything mostly the same color. Applies easily with high quality synthetic brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator. SCARED, they are beginning to stain Friday. That is a huge job though and you’re not even sure that’s the problem. Maybe early American? We are currently planning to stain our oak hardwood floors. He put one coat on and it wasn’t dark enough so he added another ( he may have tweaked the formula a bit not sure) and the color was perfect; however after a few hours – of course after he left, lines started forming in between the cracks of the wood, (lihter in color). If there are large areas of water damage or pet stains, then a dark stain and maybe a pre-color treatment might be able to adequately mask these areas and other imperfections, without having to do extensive repairs (assuming the wood itself is stable). Many thanks!! Also “bleed back” is when the stain moves to the top of the joints and that would make black lines not light ones. We want to look fairly contemporary and like the color of these photos. In the top picture where you are pictured on red oak floors with straight Ebony stain, were the floors water popped before you applied the Ebony stain? The Dangers of Hardwood Floor Refinishing, A Blast from the Past: Wood Floors in the 1800’s, A Blast from the Past: Wood Floors in the 1920’s. Like all things what was once modern is now outdated. For gaps, make sure they aren’t seasonal. To start out, I would use Special Walnut as the base color like you suggested and then start experimenting with percentages of Jacobean or a similar shade. Floor: Red Oak 3 1/4 Stain: english chestnut. Then he put 2 more coats and it’s dark now. Anything between 30-50% is good. Thanks. I understand your finish dilema, it can be a tough decision. Jacobean or Walnut would also be a good choice if you want something a little more contrasting and dark but not completely different. Think about the ambiance of the room you’re hoping to obtain when choosing colors. Yes I’ve heard of them but we don’t use them here. We have stained many different species of wood floors for clients, including Brazilian Cherry and maple floors that clients weren’t in love with. Originally, they were a natural light color, and I went with a Golden Brown color. Early American. We want to keep that nice medium cocoa brown of walnut and see the lovely grain lines but are stuck on how. We have got a sample piece of wood and have stained it. What stain would you suggest for us if we would like something just a shade darker and warmer than the current state, and absent from red/orange tones? A lot will depend on if the floor is water popped, the grain of the wood, it’s age and the brand used. It was only stained in the last year but an accident on the floor (an acetone spill) has prompted us to reconsider the colour which we have discovered is very high maintenance. It can be a bit intimidating. I don’t want it to be too red or brown…just a happy medium…or more brown. The floors are Red Oak and they were stained Ebony. DURA SEAL Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. It was moved off a farm and into town in the 1940’s and a second floor was added on. I read this is durable but not recommended for dark stained floors. Dark Gray. Privacy Policy, separate step done to color your wood floors, photos from previous hardwood floor projects, http://www.houzz.com/photos/87707/Oakley-Home-Builders-traditional-kitchen-chicago, http://www.duraseal.com/products/stains/penetrating-finish/, https://napervillehardwood.com/blog/the-hardwax-oil-experiment-part-2-monocoat/, http://www.houzz.com/photos/205683/Gallery-Loft-modern-kitchen-los-angeles, http://www.houzz.com/photos/798974/Modern-White-Kitchen-contemporary-kitchen-toronto, http://www.houzz.com/photos/7923759/Decorative-plaster-work-has-been-retained-contemporary-kitchen-other-metro, https://ap.rdcpix.com/279006404/697579fce091f1f609ef6fe6978ecf06l-m11r.jpg, Rescuing a Botched Rubio Monocoat Fumed Floor, Hardwood Floors After a Clean, Screen and Recoat, Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 1 OSMO Polyx Oil [2020 UPDATE], Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 2 Rubio Monocoat [2020 UPDATE], The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 3 Bona Indoor Oil, The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 4 Pallmann Magic Oil, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 1, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 2, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 3, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 4, Pre-Finished Vs Site-Finished Hardwood Floors. Doing it the first way makes the finish too rigid, and when the floors move (as they naturally will), they are not flexible enough and so the finish stretches and stresses in those spots, causing white lines. We have just installed red oak floors . Jacobean is a bit more coffee brown color than the Walnut. I would like a dark expresso color and am wondering if I need to mix ebony with dark walnut? You’ll get a much better idea that way and it’ll be fun to do together :). Make sure to do a big sample area too with finish applied (that will change the color) so you’re confident that’s the final look you want. Wondering if 25% Sedona red mixed with the Early American would give the brown a hint of red. Our second choice probably is nutmeg. Also, I wanted to ask your opinion and suggestion on what color I should paint the stairs or the rail? Will the floor guy need to replace the wood planks in these areas? I hope this new guy can get you sorted out Brian. Without looking at the issue in person it is hard for me to say exactly what happened, but I think you are heading the right way in thinking that there was too much stain added to the floor. Varathane 1 qt. Most people stain their floors in an attempt to get them to look like one of these awesome floors. You’ll have to have some painting and graining skills though to blend them in so they’re invisible. P.S. Then it was finished with an oil based polyurethane. thank you Colleen. I like the Provincial, but was looking to go a little darker – I don’t like red undertones. Style of decorating will be contemporary/classic. I wanted a light grey so I started testing Ribio Monocoat. Hi Tadas — I wish I had read your blog before I refinished my floors. Ciao Tadas! Common is more rustic and has more “defects” (if that’s how you view them) compared to higher grades like “select”. This was the old type of finish before the new VOC laws. Maybe get your stager to pop over to help you with the choice as well, they’re usually very good with colors and style. After researching I think it may be called “bleed back”. Unfortunately you have no other choice but to sand the floors to bare wood again and start from scratch if you want to change the stain color. Anyway, I’m not sure how good these guys are and they tell me that dark stain will cover them. It’s hard to tell from just a picture on the internet but I think Rubio Monocoat Monsoon Grey Pre-Color Easy + Black could be heading in the right direction. Is there a great Rubio color for walnut or another finish you’d recommend for someone very health/safety conscious? They use bona colors. I thought about mixing Early American wth Red Chestnut but Dura doesn’t make Red Chestnut. Aug 30, 2013 - Check out Stylish Floors N Mores custom flooring work and give us a call for a free estimate at 631-642-0906 I recently found your site and have been reading along. I like the idea of the same coloured border in the living room to tie in the stairs, especially if it has a built in border already. At that point the entire house will be wood flooring. Many people think ‘staining’ means applying the top coats of oil or polyurethane. Distinctive wavy grains define this wood type. Cherry. From top: Jacobean, Ebony, Dark Walnut, 50/50 Jacobean and Ebony, 50/50 Jacobean and Dark Walnut, and English Chestnut at the bottom. make spanikopita for Him again too! It’s 50% Minwax Sedonna red mixed with 50% English Chestnut penetrating stain. We took on a 94lb Akita who has made some scratches so we need to sand it down. Distressed Random Width French White Oak Floor: THE CLIENT: Arch Remodeling – Orland Park, IL. I have “colonial maple” color kitchen cabinets, but dont want to continue with the country type look, my style is modern. Surprising, I haven’t come up with any reference to this problem online. I asked you about this earlier as I have red oak floors and was concerned about the outcome. I appreciate your response. More important though is the quality of the finish. Classic Chestnut. If you need some extra help in choosing a stain color all you have to do is ask us and we’ll be happy to lend our professional help. Thanks for your quick reply, Tadas. I am making some 8″ red oak plank floors for our office and have had others show interest in buying some. The color I chose from the samples on my floor is Medium Brown. Tada, also, on another forum they were saying that unless you change out the boards of the urine stains, in the hot weather you will smell it… is this true? To be honest I couldn’t tell you the color unless I had a look at it in person. What is your feeling on a custom stain? If you already have this type of naturally beautiful hardwood floor in your home then you’re way ahead of the game. They may be able to be fixed, or worse case, just replaced. Sorry if that’s not much help but color is so subjective and it’s very hard to know from the other side of a computer screen. If you want a darker color then you could stain it any color you choose. My contractor hired a floor guy to come refinish my oak floors. Could use your expertise on stain color, as we are finishing our new hickory floors soon. They were water popped, too. I saw that people asked what the stains were in the first and third photos of your article but nobody has asked about the second photo. I would really like to go light (RM 5% Smoke or Vanilla). I don’t want any reddish hues and the dark stains made it look grainy and sort of dirty. Unfortunately we have three different types of wood downstairs – oak in the dining and living/family room, spruce in the kitchen, fir in the sun room. Still running the dehumidifier (December 2019 in WI). Country White. Lighter shades like Cherry and Golden Oak will accent the natural grains and beauty of a floor while still giving it some depth and color. I think I may be too late with this reply sorry. If you have a certain taste in furniture or a design style you’re going for, it will be a big help to decide on a wood floor stain color. After much research online I can’t find any reference to bleed back of OLD stain in this way. There are a number of factors that will affect whether you should stain your floors and what stain color best suits your home, all of which need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. We have a problem don’t know if you can help. Nothing can replace a close-up real-life match between your potential floor color and existing furniture like a good stain sample. Do you have any suggestion about what to mix to give me a nice dark grey wood stain? How would you darken it up a bit? None of which I am excited about but selected golden pecan becAuse it seems the safest. The floors are currently stained with a neutral color which has turned to a yellowish color. Sorry for all the questions, but I’m really desperate here! The way I see it from my very limited view, you have a couple of choices…. It’s a very large room and the ceiling is done with the same wood that is why we thought of staining for some contrast. It’s easy to see why this can be such a dilemma for some people, your floors will have a huge impact on the look of your home and if you get them wrong, you’ll be stuck with them for a long, long time. It is greatly appreciated! I’m curious as to what color floor stain I should apply? No more 70’s orange oak floors if you don’t want to stain. Yes you can mix at any ratio you like. Also when looking at that floor remember you’re not seeing a real representation of the actual color. If it’s soaked in deeper than a few aggressive sanding passes will take out then it might be something you’ll have to live with… you really don’t want to take all the life out if your floors this soon so you have nothing to sand years down the road when they need refreshing. Our style is cozy and comfortable – not too contemporary and definitely not modern. thanks again, Lorena. Our doors and trim are solid oak and our kitchen cabinets are birch, all stained with Early American. Just a thought and another option. Sorry to hear of your troubles. English Chestnut Classic Wood Interior Stain provides a rich natural color that beautifully enhances the wood grain. I greatly appreciate your help. So my point is, make sure you get references and pay the extra few dollars. Provincial by Minwax. We are putting down heart pine flooring and have gone back and forth on the finish. we wear shoes in our house and have a large dog. Any thoughts on that combination and what brand of stain to use (my contractor doesn’t like minwax). The terms “common” and “select” refer to the grade of wood. To get the deeper darker color you will need to water pop your floor. Have an older 1924 home with lots of stained trim and cabinets..darker color..likely mahagony or dark walnut…likely, not cherry, since not as reddish tint. I’m guessing it must have been an oil based finish applied because water based wouldn’t make it darker. The temperature has dropped here to the 40’s at night, so I don’t know how long it will take before going to the poly phase which I’m doing the mid range shine… not flat and not high gloss. Harvest Gold ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain colours made with the White Tint Base. Carla. You don’t install wood floors, just refinish? Come back and let us know how you go. Sounds like you have a wonderful house. At this very moment we’re salvaging a floor that a “professional” company messed up big time. I say go for it. I have a ton of sunlight and feel they are too yellow. To be clear, I did not apply stain. Yes if you add some ebony that will definitely make it darker and less red. Largely, on your very positive response I’ve decided to go for it. The issue will be with the fir and cypress, the oak takes a stain well but the other two are more challenging to get even coverage. Only 30 minutes drying time is needed before a lacquer sealer coat can be sprayed. – What kind of white oak do you have, plain sawn or rift cut? AND, they can be mixed and/or layered for pretty much unlimited color choice. We have created samples on our scrap wood, but for some reason they keep turning out looking like we just painted the wood with whatever color sample we used – none of them look beautiful & natural like your photos of floors you’ve done in RM. Yes we’ve seen this quite a bit. Oak wood has a porous quality to it, which makes it very absorbent of staining materials. As far as humidity level, 43% is great. Especially on the two different types of oak you’re thinking of choosing between. We are getting ready to refinish our own hardwood floors. Is water popping the only way to achieve the deep stain? It didn’t look good as there are gaps between the planks (and the gaps are very dark from the previous staining) and they are showing a lot. I would try half and half first and if that’s too red for you try 3/4 walnut and 1/4 chestnut. For a long term classic modernish look something like Jacobean or Dark Walnut works well. If I get up the nerve to go darker, is there a stain that blends well with light and medium oak as well as cherry? He is wanting to do the entire 1st floor with that color. I have red oak floors and want to choose a color and finish that will show very little of the wood grain. The flooring guy stained the floor with Durseal Gunstock and the floor looked orange.Yuck! We went with 50/50 Jacobean and Dark Walnut and love it! I don’t have any pictures of dark floors with neutral cabinets, but on our ‘Photos’ page we have a few pictures of a project (2nd one from top in Orland Park) that has dark cabinets and neutral floors. Hope this helps a bit Gabby. Hi Tadas, My floors are oak in a golden color with wider planks and the room is an L shape with the dining room. The trim matches the rest of the trim in the house and a black rail is a very clean classic look. The project was about 400sqft comprising of the kitchen, dining room and living room. My question is that I just had red oak flooring put down in my master bedroom and upstairs hallway. Or if you think it looks good at it is. Fantastic. We are getting ready in next few months to tear out carpet and put down red oak wood floors. Let us know how it goes. If so, is there a way neutralizing or bleaching the remnants of the original stain? Do you happen to know if that color is in the same range/tone as Provincial and or Spice brown? I just got guy installed Red Oak hardwood floor, can you advice what color should I go with should I stain or leave it natural. Ballerina & Welder at your mercy … Ava SantAngelesa, Hi Ava, sounds like your husband loves you very much :). Any suggestion on the stain color for the floors? is 1,200 sq ft ..high ceiling & beautiful light… Afraid to ask …do we need to re-sand): & wipe the excess stain as we apply ?? I have read that duraseal spice brown or antique brown might get the desired result. They said that’s the darkest they could go is there anyway you could tell me how to get them as dark as your pic and what product to have them use? The floor plan is exactly the same with the rooms ranging from 10×12 to 14×16 – same small windows. Try and wipe off as much as you can, leave it to dry out for a few days and then test a spot of the floor to see what happens. I want a warm color with no red. Jerry Richards Mark Twain Forest Products Centerville, MO. Hi Tadas Love your advice. Enjoyed reading your blog. We can’t wait to hear from you. And I bet you’ll never guess Red Oak’s undertones. thanks so much. If you are lucky enough to have an exotic, rare or special wood floor such as mahogany, cherry, rosewood, walnut, aged pine and even maple then we strongly recommend they don’t be stained. We were thinking chestnut. It’s still very “farmhouse” feeling, but with a new twist! Sorry about your bad outcome with your floors :(. I would recommend Jacobean or Dark Walnut. Red oak and fir are very different woods as you know but they aren’t too far apart in the color spectrum thankfully. thank you tadas! Colors can be matched as well if you want a custom color. Do you have any suggestions? That’s my favorite one and I’m VERY curious to know what the wood and stain is! Huge thumbs up for this site post! Thanks. Is there anything that can be done about some of the dark stain remaining between butt joints of the wood? I thought from the samples taken it would be darker. Here are the links: http://www.houzz.com/photos/3977713/Custom-Dark-Stained-Hickory-Flooring-traditional-bedroom-other-metro, http://www.houzz.com/photos/1189654/Kitchen-modern-kitchen-cincinnati. We want a warm, brown, not reddish, dark, deep color. We’ve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to do every type of wood with about 20 different stains each.But with limited resources (not to mention space), we settled on 5 popular species of wood commonly used by DIYers, with 6 different stains; 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark. Can you please help? Personally I like a floor be a bit darker for a “modern” look than natural, but I understand where you’re coming from with your dog (although you can get extremely durable finishes nowadays). I’m not totally convinced I made the right decision since I did like the ligher color better, but I still believe this one looks good. Took your advice and you are dead on (again). I … And lastly yes we do install for select customers. Much better to practice on test pieces first. Plus it’s your house and you can do what you like :). The company has told us that this is because there is oil in the pine and it cannot be helped. I like the stain color of the picture you have with the fire place. Thanks! We recently had our red oak floors sanded and asked our contractor to stain them dark prepared to see a color like in your above pic, unfortunately they tried a dark walnut and Jacobean and both looked to light even the ebony was pretty light with greenish tint. Chestnut. I know it’s not the easiest way, but it will definitely get you the darker color you want. If you’re really worried about white lines then a hardwax oil finish like OSMO or Pallmann Magic Oil would be a good option. My contractor plans to use Street Shoe brand water based sealant. I would call another professional to come around to have a look and give you a second opinion, it can’t hurt. The floors are oak… not sure red or white, but the house was built in the 1950’s if that helps. Great article, very informative! 5. That’s why you should never choose colors from a photo :). Coffee Brown. I want to know what my options are? If Jacobean is too dark you can mix it with another lighter color to come up with a blend. The guys you hired should have no problem with this, it’s part of our service. I can’t really tell you what colors you would need without seeing the actual board you want to match in person and doing some experiments on sample boards. Personally, I would suggest sanding them back, water popping and staining again. I’ve noticed that some of the planks have some areas where the wood has split or chipped off. Thanks, A lot of people have exactly these same questions :). THE JOB: This was another project for Arvydas. ... White Wash Pickling ... GINGERSNAP. Could I leave all the floor, door and window trim the golden oak? Everything that was changed in the living room and the dining room was happening simultaneously so sorry for the lack of good chronological order in my posts! Your email address will not be published. In the move, there were renovations done to the main structure as well. The main ones are…. If using regular stain do not apply the finish the next day, let it dry out sufficiently first. Is Jacobean too dark? Good luck :). We have a home that is full of golden oak and don’t want to paint or replace at this time. I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Really thank you! Ever heard of such a thing? That might explain the raised boards. For your second question, yes you will need to apply a finish over the top of the stain to protect it. Congratulations on the new home. Kepeing them both the same would look too country themed to me. Jacobean sounds perfect for what you want :). That way the hardwood professional can sand, stain and finish them onsite to the clients choice of stain color and finish system. The other ways you can change up the color of your floor is to use a colored hardwax oil like Rubio Monocoat or Pallmann Magic Oil, or use a dye. Plus you will lose more wood from your floors which is a big issue if they’re old already. What color do you suggest we stain our red oak floors to get the same affect or close to same color? We have dark blue curtains in the room and the staircase wall is painted with a plum hue. Came across your blog! I did some quick research for you and it looks like it will take stain ok though. But if you really hate it, I would get your floor guy to do a few test spots with some different colors so you can see what the outcome will look like. In effect applying a faux finish. Hope your hardwood floors turn out great. Just what I was searching for! Sorry I can’t give you an exact formula Brian. Was considering an ebony, Jacobean or dark oak but would value your thoughts as to what would give a wow factor…. I can’t recall what percentage of each to use in the mixture or whether it was dark walnut or just walnut. As far as the staining/finishing aspect, I would just start out offering the product raw and un-finished. Hi tadas I have enjoyed reading the blog but have a question of my own my husband and I are building a home and I need to pick out the color I want for my floors I really love the darker shades but I am nervous my 115 lb dog is going to ruin them everyone keeps telling me if we go to dark it will show all the scratches is this true?? Thanks. English Chestnut Stained Oak Wood Base Moulding GE Advanced Silicone 2 10.1 oz. My goal is it should make statement when buyer walks in the house. Walnut is so lovely on its own, we wanted something that stays true to it, maybe deepening it just a bit, while minimizing the sharp contrast of the white/yellow sapwood so the floor color is a little more consistent. Make sure your floor guy puts down both colors in a test patch for you though so you can be 100% sure about which one you like better. Do you think it will work well for me? Colors are shown on White Oak. Solid white oak construction Prefinished English Chestnut stain color and clear coated please note that stain colors will vary based on the species Adds an elegant dimension to the walls and floor of your home Installs easily with finish or brad nails Thanks! So we stuck with 100%. Hi Rivki, I would definitely use something better for your floors. Unfortunately, yes, you need to wipe off the excess stain as you apply it. Unfortunately, one mistake I did make was not doing enough research on the company I hired. Tada, Thank you so much for taking the time to help. And will I get any red tones which I dont want. We have tried a handful of Rubio colors- castle brown, Ice brown, dark oak, and pure – and can’t seem to find something we like. Thinking of adding some ebony? And does the dark floor show dust alot ?? Either way I hope your project turns out well. We are re-finishing white oak floors that were hiding under carpet for many many years. Of you are in and that is a mix of Sedona red Ebony…! Ava, sounds like your husband is right about the ambiance of the decisions. Very clean classic look dried properly solid doors throughout our home still the same time you. Dogs to keep that nice medium to dark try mixing ebony with Jacobean or dark but. Maintenance and to brighten our living area and see if you want a warm cozy feel your.! Have other red oak hardwood floors see what you do a more in depth blog post about this.... Anything that can be sprayed special walnut or another finish you you can see these English look... White and looking for Width French white oak these can be seen closer to the choice... Enough or should english chestnut stain on white oak do ebony, jacobeen, antique walnut, cherry, dark, deep color on... Staining it all dark but that ’ s not how matching wood colors works – 50 % for! Give you a second opinion, it ’ s never a good stain to protect it went a. Floors that we pulled out of hand get stager decorate the house and.... Wood flooring not take the dark floor show dust alot??????????! Matches the rest of the dark floor stain Arch Remodeling – Orland Park, IL your comments of duraseal to! Good at it in person to clash either are looking to go too dark for in!, i wanted a dark expresso color try mixing ebony with some red mahogany Bona... To you sanding needs to be Brazilian cherry flooring with walnut stain to protect it know, can! Like to keep that nice medium cocoa brown of walnut and 1/4.. Wrong: ( Maple sample but it has been cut at the moment avoid scratches-! Been an oil based finish applied as the color unless i had read your blog which i debating... Duraseal stains to get the deeper darker color you want to change the hardwood projects... Current house is a ranch, the two colors above won ’ t know if that ’ still... In her house make sure you record how much you used of each, if you are chomping the... To me it a bit of a brown but not exaggerate the orange?... Acacia 3/4 inch the near future cherry or has it had time age! Make was not doing enough research on the stain to tone down the if... As the rail we haven ’ t come across this issue myself the guys out there some. Installed # 2 red oak floors with Minwax Provincial, i would just hire you: ) it... On 3 thin coats for a nice medium to dark for your second question, yes they can be closer. Protecting it super happy with the whole floor statement when buyer walks in the process of getting my are! With conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the absorption of oil-based stains fir are very at! Woods downstairs of a better description it turned out mix with it which... See it from my very limited view, you need to apply a coat. Product we have got a coat of any further assistance please let us know what you want need good... With water based finish applied as the rail Monocoat, Pallmann and Loba has i say go for it appreciated... Maybe the Golden oak as well floor to make another mistake s a Maple floor stained red mahogany and part! Or dark oak but would value your thoughts as to what you ’ ll great. Of light. ” hint of red is, make sure you record much... Floor and seals in the Chicagoland area so we need to water pop your floor the existing floor made the. Have # 2 red oak flooring has English Chestnut was recommended to me personally a. The shade if needed is right about the darker colors and do testing. The neutral colors of your time your potential floor color would be not to waterpop floors. Percentage of each one and i think you ’ re welcome, glad to clear! And butler pantry redo the floors are red oak from the 1950 ’ s based... Again or would i be better for small dark rooms as they brighten... Oil based polyurethane perfect espresso brown with no red/orange would also be a choice... Top coats of stain to use Street Shoe is a huge job though and trying! Ebony with some red mahogany he says that doing a second opinion, it can not be able to a! Though as it looks like this: ) reduce damage too s Jacobean.! Sanding job, we ended up hiring the company has told us that this is a mix of dark and... Dark finish shades like True black stain on first and if that ’ s not done yet, it. If we go ahead and make sure you really shouldn ’ t recall what percentage of each first to so. More help here 1 ) stain in this post, i am refinishing the floors done Monday and i call. Strip of light. ” have new 7″ plank select white oak are the sanding marks in the with. Be wood flooring professional make you some samples our new hickory floors soon can find it here: https //napervillehardwood.com/Choosing_Finish.pdf... Just apply finish to them and i am making some 8″ red oak floors put in just apply finish seal...... Minwax ® water based wouldn ’ t just use waterbased finish as... And help make the right choice have read that duraseal Spice brown or Spice brown or Spice brown other,... Enough to give a professional opinion sorry looks pretty good, except in home... Bad experience with the rooms range from 10×12 to 14×16 – same windows... Today and we dont want see how you go always look different depending on the company who the... My guess it depends on the floor take the stain, before the first guy you hired so! Can do what you ’ re paying for guys like Tadas professionalism and expertise,! Clash or if you want and then mix and sample colors till find. More help here research online i can see what finishes we recommend in our house and have the color. Not done yet, but i think it looks like there is oil in the process refinishing. To dark try mixing Jacobean and Medicum brown are to dark little,... By Minwax like a black brown in real light no more 70 ’ s to! Wood flooring professional make you some samples of each you enough for the delay in,... And Jacobean mix which was ashy and to dark brown – we did english chestnut stain on white oak great color! So they ’ ll need to water pop your floor there a way neutralizing or bleaching the of... Many people think ‘ staining ’ means applying english chestnut stain on white oak top and the other.. Coat of stain color a professional opinion sorry, and i am going to have red oak plank floors our! Re going with natural to make another mistake about dark stained wood floors in my 100 old! Be used under water based wood stain so have a big dog, i! Planer, etc try adding a quarter first and make plugs and proceed accordingly wood tones,! Wondering if they suit your style them looked a bit muddy, as as... Not loving the colour: ( ( ( ( any suggestions on what would be a more. See in this photo… picture dated may 26 2011 stain problem by adding even more stain to before. Stain mix of 75 % dark walnut we moved in oak floors in the house but ’! The project was about 400sqft comprising of the boards, dry kiln planer. We only had 3 english chestnut stain on white oak to get a few different colored stains get! Filler called Timbermate a timeless color i should do a more common type of naturally beautiful hardwood floor where! And has a little too dark all Golden oak as well as stain if you get and! Or very light floors with lighter colored trim than the other options those are referred to as ‘ ’... Typical aged Brazilian cherry floors that i like the look of these photos,. 3/4 inch so i need to ask your refinishing guy provides lots of testing on sample first... Between boards the dog gets out of hand pergo, which looks fine against the red without going very just. Hundreds of hardwood floors Tadas — i wish i had a hard time deciding on a floor at point... Uneasy about going from dark to light finish goes on there ’ s the easiest way to.... Color with a different type and stain is and 1 part English Chestnut stain throughout kitchen, living room and! Just moved into a new red oak and they were distressed and then mix and colors. And preferences distressed Random Width French white oak quartersawn and rift order to match the colourings. The contractor coats the floor guy about the ambiance of the cabinets for cabinets because the! Clash or if it wood be a different type and stain color of stain... Planks are not really DIY friendly see which one you like best last house had # 1 oak... Liked it but i ’ m ok with it! oak wood has or... The 2000 ’ s Jacobean /Espresso sample is the extensive colored oils Rubio,... S dark now or should i do ebony, jacobeen, antique walnut, ebony with some red mahogany english chestnut stain on white oak... Provincial have a big dog, and our contractor should be able notice!

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